old brown bottle

I found an old brown bottle deep in the woods of indiana.. It has the inscription FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE. On the bottom of the bottle it has D1 over 56-47. If you turn bottle clockwise it has some sort of emblem and the # 29 below...I think it was a bottle designated for liquor but after opening the rusty cap I found a brown liquid that smells like petroleum.. Would someone have an idea of how old the bottle is and what is was used for?


  • The Federal Law... text assures that it is a liquor bottle, despite it current contents.

    Why not post a photo?

    Likely dates to 1940s or 50s.

    D1 is the distiller #
  • Good. Sorry to say not much value here, but some more info.

    Bottle is an Owens-Illinois product.

    D-1 is the distiller number which represents the company whose product is in the bottle. There can be many products for a distiller.

    I have traced, by way of labeled examples, that D-1 sold the Old Taylor Whiskey brand. Possibly others.
  • Thanks for the research it answered alot of questions. As far as value it will be an artifact found on the property and will go in the cabin. Will the age still be from 1940-1950
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