can anybody help

can anybody help me find info on this bottle of liquor been looking for a week can't find this bottle found a lot like it but not same most say napoleon this says fine napoleon or the 50 at bottom of bottle can't find anything with those markings thank you for any help.image


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    An identical bottle here estimated at $150-200 produced by Prince de Granlac 1960-1970s brandy
  • Hi Bottleinc,

    The value here is in the contents, not the bottle. I recommend that you go to my web page

    There I provide some suggested sites where you can potentially sell or at least value vintage liquor.

  • Hi Chris, yes I am aware of the value is in the contents. I have had several up for auction before.
  • The point is that this is a site about antique bottles, not liquor.

    I suggest you ask someone at a site like - specifically you have Dupeyron armagnac - Napoleon only refers to the age when bottled. I think you will find plenty of listings for the Dupeyron product online...

    I am curious as to where you listed your liquor at auction. eBay does not allow this. Perhaps you consigned it to an auctioneer? I get a lot of inquiries about vintage liquor and am hoping to expand the above referenced page on my website.
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