Oldest Ginger Ale Bottle By George Russell- Brooklyn NY

Hi, I have been reading how John Mclaughlin invented ginger ale in 1907 , so how does that explain this George Russel bottle with an address in New York City , I would guess this bottle dates to mid 1800s. 8 panel ,blob top,7 1/2" Still has wire stopper inside, Thanks for looking any info appreciated Thanks


  • John McLaughlin may have invented the specific soda-water-based drink known as ginger ale but ginger based drinks, including fermented ginger beverages - which probably had some degree of carbonation - long preceded 1907.

    Just look for Sanford's Jamaica Ginger extract - this was very popular in the latter 19th c.
  • Yes thanks Very interesting, information. Well I posted this nice bottle on ebay this evening in a one day auction !! I think it was a great find ,thanks much for looking at it
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