Federal law forbids

I have a glass bottle that was found in a wooded area of Warm Springs Arkansas I hopping Maybe someone could tell me about it. The writing on the front top says federal law forbids sale or er-use of this bottle. The back bottom has one pint. And bottom has D126
9 some stamped symbol 47
Made in USA


  • Thanks for posting.

    I have associated the D-126 distiller number with the Seagrams and Calvert brands.

    If you want to dig a bit further, try searching eBay for something like "Federal law forbids Calvert bottle" and likewise for Seagrams. Look for labeled examples of your bottle.

  • This is a half pint and has Seagrams on the lid??

  • Half pint Seagrams on the lid? Found in my mother’s house from 1800’s use to be a saloon

  • Okay thank you. Here is another I found.

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