Has This 84 Year Old Gin Bottle Got any Value

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Paul Jones Gin bottle still sealed. Bottled in 1934. Has tax stamp. Never opened. Evaporation thorough the cork has allowed some of the gin to escape. Scotch tap around neck was there when found 40 years ago. Must have been done to keep paper seals in tact. Please look at attached photos.


  • Fascinating! The bottle label indicates it was distilled in 1917 (before Prohibition took effect) and the tax stamp indicates the bottle was filled just after Prohibiton. I wonder how the bulk gin survived.
  • Yes, that is quite something that gin sat somewhere throughout Prohibition.

    There is a lot of interest in bottles containing medicinal alcohol from Prohibition as well as the "Pre-Pro" era. Your bottle fits right into that category.
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    Do you have any idea what it is worth or where I can sell it?
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