Origin/Value of this brown glass bottle

I've had this old bottle for a long time; I'm looking for some info on origin and value. Please note the seams on the sides and neck. The bottom of the bottle has 'B' on the left side and '24' on the right side.


  • Does that label say "Dandelions 1922" ??
  • Difficult to read because of fading but yes it looks like dandelion 1722
  • Any info on the above bottle pics??
  • The bottle is a whiskey flask produced in an automatic bottle machine (the irregular ring on the bottom center is a valve mark). So, that indicates the bottle was blown after 1903. The embossed "FULL PINT" strikes me as a holdover from the 1890s. My best guess is this is an early 1900s bottle.

    I've seen this shape called a "new whiskey" and the lip a "brandy lip."

  • Hello Harry, Thanks so much for taking the time to review the pics and comment.
  • Any comment on value?

  • Likely less than $5.00 at a flea market . . . if you can find a buyer.
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