Need help identifying, dating and value of these bottles.

Hi, I'm looking for help identifying and/or dating and value of each of these bottles.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks :)

- Cobalt blue bottle. Bottom embossed with "1 and M." Dimensions 7" H x 2.75" W x 1.75" D.

- Brown bottle embossed with "Hicks Capudine for all headaches, colds, gripe, etc." Bottom embossed with "8,3 or C" Dimensions 6.75" H x 2" W x 11/8" D.

- Clear bottle embossed with "Nourashine hair tonic." Bottom embossed with "8 2." Dimensions 7.25" H x 2.5" W x 1.25" D.

- Light blue smaller bottle embossed with "Hospital size for hospital use only." Bottom embossed with "3"

- Farney bottle. Embossed with - The Reliable old time preparation for home use. Prepared by Dr.Peter Farney & Sons Co. Chicago, ILL, U.S.A. (Farney Chicago 1 on the bottom) Dimensions 9"H x 2.50" W ' 2.50" D

- Genuine Phillips Milk of Magnesia. Made in USA." Dimensions 8" H x 3.50" W

- Bottle embossed with "This bottle is the property of McAvoy Brew. CO. Chicago, ILL. USA. Contents 12 oz." Bottom embossed with "ROOT." Dimensions 9.25" H


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