Lighthouse glass 1000watt bulb

This is a bulb which was used at Hook Lighthouse at somestage in the 1900’s as it switched to led in the early 2,000’s. It was 1,000 watts. Hook lighthouse is the oldest operating lighthouse in the world. Is there a market for these bulbs at all? Thanks, Niamh
3024 x 4032 - 2M
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  • Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum.

    Yes, antique lightbulbs are quite collectible! Just review this list of sold bulbs on eBay: light bulb&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684
  • Hi Niam, if you have had a chance to review any antique or other old light bulb/lamps you have noticed few similarities to your bulb. Your bulb is a 1000 watt metal halide manufactured by Venture. You can see the stamp center of bulb in your photo. The Lighthouse has probably been using this exact technology for 40 years. Prior to this metal halide retrofit the light house was probably using a large incandescent with reflector's to increase the intensity and distance. The new retro-fit to L.E.D. must be really awesome to view from afar. A ship load of energy to be saved also.
    I did a quick search and Venture offers the same new 1000 watt bulb for $29 bucs. Your story and the last job of your bulb are really cool, nobody else can say that, which is good. I worked in commercial lighting maintenance for numerous years, been into some crazy settings to make the repairs, but sadly never a Lighthouse.
    I use to bring the spent 175 watt bulbs home, and some others, to my girl friend. She would take them and decorate/paint/decorate them into snowmen and Santa Clause collectibles. The government started regulating the disposal of used commercial lighting, due to mainly trace amounts of Mercury, around the year 2004. Kind of scared her out of her new recycle business. I still have my 175 watt plump snowman.
    The size of your 1000 watt bulb and the history behind it could possibly be of value to somebody? You just need demand! I think you should find an artist, or even sell your story and the light bulb to an artist? Either way, have the Hook Lighthouse and scenery painted on the bulb. Couple of dates on the bulb/some authenticity/last H.I.D. light bulb at Hook! I believe that would create demand, good luck!
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