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Seeking info on my bottles, one full. Any value, full or empty. Nuyens Orgeat & LeRoux.Thanks.
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  • Thanks for posting

    The bottle on the right looks damaged...from the best I can tell it was originally a screw-top bottle. Even if it were perfect, little or no value.

    Your wine bottle needs to be considered in two ways - the bottle value alone and then its value as a full bottle of wine. Not all wine ages well and value depends on the vineyard. Such is the expertise of a service, typically auctioneer, which specializes in vintage spirits and wine.

    As a bottle alone it has a little value but with its contents it is hard to sell since your ability to ship or even sell it on venues like ebay is limited or prohibited. I have written about selling full bottles here.
  • Hi Chris-the damaged bottle isn't a screw top.
    The full bottle, I have come to find, isn't wine, but is a full bottle of orgeat, which is a type of almond syrup, so no alcoholic content. Apparently it's almost 100 years old. Hoping to ascertain what its value might be--can't find anything comparable.
  • Hi I have beer and wine bottles ,I need help identifying them
  • 75 year bottle never opened, penthouse girls ,beer etc the list goes on
  • Port bottles never opened. ,great condition
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