"Make America Strong" red and blue pyro milk bottle - info?

History of bottle and value if any? Was wondering if this bottle is common, haven’t been able to locate any info on it. Thanks a lot.


  • Red and blue Pyro milk bottle
    "Drink Enough Milk" and "Make America Strong by Making Americans Stronger"

    Pictures of North - Central - South Americas

    Names of countries listed

    Very interesting - thanks so much for posting this. I am not super knowledgeable in the milk bottle department and am thinking this is one for the milk bottle experts.

    I was ready to write this off as some kind of modern piece until I saw the base. I can immediately say the bottle was made by Owens-Illinois and is mid 20th century. I can tell you there are a number of patriotic milk bottles dating from around WWII

    I will see what I can find out.
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