Glass Battery ID?

I would like to know if anyone has seen this type of battery? maker? the size is 8 wide X 8 1/2" tall X 3: deep.
What is the value? I paid $400.00. How many volts is it? I know questions, questions, questions. Thanks Dave
Glass battery ID


  • Hi - thanks for posting this. It is a great example of the entire battery versus just the glass jar. I see plenty of battery jars at bottle shows but almost always they are just the glass portion.

    Which brings me to the distinction I would like to make. The glass jars alone and complete vintage batteries. They are definitely in two distinct value classes and appeal to (likely) different groups of people.

    I really do not understand or know the value of the complete batteries but my hunch is that there is demand for historical re-enactment. Maybe other interests? You can get these batteries working fairly easily.

    PS. I assume there are no markings on the bottom of the jar?
  • Thanks for your input. It help me greatly. Dave
  • Yes there isa name on it C F Mfg. N.Y. any help? anything about the co.?
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