Old black glass bottle

Found this coral encrusted bottle in 30ft of water in The British Virgin Islands. Any idea of its age?
1331 x 2000 - 2M
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  • Peter - Wow, thanks for posting such a great photo!

    The answer to your question lies under that amazing layer of coral - not that you would want to remove it, but...

    We collectors would look at the details of the lip - its shape says a lot about age. If loosely formed, it could mean an 18th century bottle. If uniformly tooled it would suggest later 19th century.

    The base may also help us - specifically the depth and shape of the indent.

    You might want to take a look at @Harry_Pristis answer in this post:

  • There is still a small crab inside (dead of course)
    which has grown since it entered and is now too big to get out.
  • Chris, sorry I forgot to thank you for your comment.
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