Please help identify this amber 9" tall exterior threaded 3-piece molded bottle

I'm trying to identify this bottle, and I am completely ignorant in this field. I've researched for several hours on various sites and can only guess that this bottle was intended for beer, ale, or spirits?? It is 9" tall, very long neck compared to the body. It has exterior threads at the top for a cap enclosure. There are 3 tiny dashes or markings on the neck. 2 verticle on opposite sides from each other. And 1 horizontal dash higher on the neck. The bottom has what appears to be an Owens of Illinois marking, with a "7" or a "V" on either side of that mark. also on the bottom is a "15." marking. It has two side seams that go up the entire bottle, and one base seam. I assume this means it is a 3-piece molded bottle. Please see photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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