Trying to identify the year and Manufacturer of "Old Grandpa" bottle. I'm a Novice

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Hello, my name is Jamie Crawford and I'm from the upstate of South Carolina. I've very recently started my new hobby of locating vintage/antique glassware. I'm not a drinking Man, but I've located a few older looking bottles. I started with cleaning only 3 and trying to identify them. However, the first one seemed like it was going to be easy but has quickly turned into my nemesis. The brand is called "Old Grand-DaD". I've looked everywhere that I know to look (which are very few places because I just started), but I can't find any bottle that resembles mine. The bottle is clear with the long seams running from the bottom all the way up to the lip. On the front, it only has the brand name. The back is embossed with the saying "HALF PINT FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE". On the bottom of the bottle, it has the following numbers: 18 and 5565. Then a letter with numbers following: D1 and L-8000. Finally, the best I can tell is the letter I with a circle around it. It's more than likely a common bottle and I just don't have the knowledge or know the proper resources to help identify the year it was made, and who the bottler is.
If anyone is willing to help, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm a single Father of 5 children, with my oldest being 15. I've got them interested in actually going out with me, finding these historical treasures, finding the era it was made and then we discuss that era. I'm elated that this has their interest, in a time where technology seems to rule our youth and most could care less about the days of long ago and what life was like back then. Anything to prevent them from becoming couch potatoes with their faces buried in their phones or playing video games. But I fear that because of my lack of knowledge when it comes to my new hobby, that they'll quickly lose interest. I apologize for this long message, but if anyone can help me, I'd forever be in your debt. God Bless.
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  • There is no general collector interest in glass bottles with the "Federal Law . . . " embossment because they are so recent (1934 - 1967). Hence, there is little coverage of such bottles.

  • Hi Jamie

    Thanks for posting. I got my start digging at about age 12 or 13 - it kept me occupied in a good way through my teens.

    As @Harry_Pristis says, not much interest in your particular bottle, but keep looking. I do recall finding some older treasures mixed in with the modern bottles in 20th century dumps.
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