How rare is this bottle? 70's Glass bottle with styrofoam label...

I had to be 7 years old when my mom got this bottle. I've tried to find others on google but nothing comes up. I can only find a 170ml pepsi bottle that's been opened. Any idea on its worth today?
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  • This one needs to stay in the "antiquing machine" ie. basement for another 100 years.

    It is definitely a benefit that the bottle is overall intact with contents, etc. - that is a general rule of thumb - but this is just not vintage enough yet.

    Attend a bottle show some time and be humbled by the thousands of bottles available at that show which are 100-200 years older than this one!
  • They were still producing these as recently as 2001. I have a photo from an event I was working from 2001/2002 and there were several of these gingerale bottles in the foreground. Yeah, these are still only worth the soda inside.
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