Help identify my crystal decanter

I inherited a crystal decanter from my father from Slovakia. I was told it has been handed down three generations and may be over 100 years old. Can anyone please help me identify my decantor or point me in right direction. Thank you.


  • Thanks for posting this Paul

    What is the height? It is hard to tell from the photos - almost seems small enough to be a perfume or cologne bottle.

    Your decanter is cut glass, not pressed, meaning that some highly skilled person applied this bottle with a very steady hand to a spinning cutting wheel to create the patterns.

    Likely it is about 100 years old and very likely it is of eastern European origin. Some cut glass was made here in the US and a small percentage of such glass bears some maker's mark.
  • Thank you Chris for your reply. The bottle body is 6 1/2 inches tall 7 inches wide and 9 1/2 inch tall with lid. It seems a bit big to be a perfume bottle but you could be right. I have looked all over it and can't seem to find any identifying marks. Guess maybe one day I will try get it appraised. Or just keep it on the shelf. Thank you for your help.
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