help identifying bottle mark & "Sphering" etching

I've looked on various glass identification sites, but can't find what manufacturer this symbol stands for. Part of the problem is I'm not sure how describe this symbol when searching-- a triangle or a tower or maybe a chess piece? I've also looked up the word "Sphering" that's etched along the top and haven't found any info about what this means. Any help is much appreciated!

Attached image of bottle and bottom markings.

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  • Thanks for posting.

    I am not sure (despite your excellent clear photos) what the text is on the base of the bottle - that might shed some clues.

    The goto text on the subject of manufacturer marks is a book by Toulouse called "Bottle Makers and Their Marks" Its focus is American manufacturers (Mr. Toulouse I seem to recall worked for Owens-Illinois) but there is an appendix which covers marks from other countries. I scanned that list and unfortunately did not see a match for the mark on your bottle.
  • Thanks for your response. The text on the bottom says "SPHERING," which hasn't helped me so far in identifying it, but maybe it will mean something to someone else?
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