Toscano Table Wine Bottle

Hi Forum guys and gals,
I have a wine hottie that seems to be of old age, the label is very worn but I can still partially read it and it mentions it is a table wine from corte wines in italy (Toscano) but it has no date markings at all.
On the base it has, at the top the letter "A", below that is a circle with the letter N and a downwards facing arrow and below that is the number 3.
This bottle is still full of wine and corked as well.
The bottle appears to be a shade of green, but appears slightly darker as the red wine makes it more coloured.
I hope the pictures are helpful enough to give some data to help guess the age of the bottle.
Thanks in advance for all your help and I'm sorry I couldn't offer more of a description on it as I am unsure what to be noticing in the bottle to be able to adequately describe
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