Sage Brush Shampoo

Hi, I have a 1/2 gallon Sage Brush Shampoo, Sage Brush Tonic bottle. I believe it is from Shoshone, Idaho, 1906-1910. It is purpling, has a chip in the lip. Wondering its value? Thank you! Chuck (
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  • I am guessing you have already seen this webpage

    I can't say I am familiar with the bottle or its scarcity. However, given the fairly sizable chip and overall dug condition, not a whole lot. Western bottles are quite collectible and are often fairly scarce....this one would benefit a lot by having an embossed city and state - that holds back the value.

    I hope this is somewhat helpful.
  • I should have also mentioned the 10% Rule - bottle collectors will often point to this rule of thumb for value of a damaged bottle vs. a perfect example. It is in practice probably more like the 5-15% and depends on the degree of the damage, how visible the damage is, and how scarce or difficult it is to find the bottle in general.

    Note that in the case of your bottle, according to the Don Fadley page, a case of these bottles in its wooden crate sold on eBay in recent years.
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