Need help identifying a rainbow colored wavy vase

My dad got this vase and is curious where it was made and possible value. It is rainbow colored with blue at the top and fading through to red at the bottom. It is smooth on the outside with a wavy texture on the inside. It has a seam on opposite sides from the bottom to just below the top. The top piece seems to be molded separately and attached to the rest. It has lines/waves in it where the pieces were heated and fused. The top piece has a seam on the top edge that runs all the way around and down opposing sides. It has some stray bubbles throughout, and a few large ones in the bottom.There are no markings on it to identify it with.
3120 x 4160 - 3M
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  • There is no question that this is a modern piece of decorative glass.
    I would look closely for signs of a signature or identifying mark.

    If you cannot attribute the piece to a glassblower / artisan then it has just some decorative value... determined by the eyes of the beholder.
  • Thank you for the reply.
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