help identifying clear rectangular bottle with circular indents

Hi, I'm trying to identify this bottle (by glassmaker, product it held, anything!) and haven't had luck so far. As you see in the photos, it's clear and rectangular with eight circular indents on each side. There are two seams on the short sides that go all the way up through the rim. The only markings on the bottom are "PP" in the center and what is either a #9 or just a circle below that. I haven't been able to track down what maker or brand the "PP" might stand for. Any help would be much appreciated.


  • I would not be surprised if "PP" stands for Patent Pending. The indents on the bottle suggest a design patent - there are literally hundreds of these in the US Patent records.

    It is possible but hard to track the patent info - you would have to search the 1920s 30s 40s for something like "bottle design" I would expect this to take can be tricky even when you have other info such as a patent date.
  • That makes sense, thanks for the info!
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