Clear glass threaded object. What could it be?

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Hi I am Allen, I found this pieace of glass in a old dump.

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  • I think this is an early electrical wire guide. Glass is a good insulator.
  • Ok that make sense. Would anyone be able to date it or guess at the value?
  • Sure seems to be an insulator of some sort.

    I am not familiar with this shape but have seen many radio antenna "strain" insulators....see this Google images link
  • Ok, It seems there is not a lot info on the internet about it. I will look at the link. Thanks for you input!!!
  • Hi Allen, I worked commercial lighting for a number of years, if it lite up I could fix it. One of our specialties was sign maintenance and repair. To be a little more specific, we also did neon sign repair. What you have have is a glass insulator, like mentioned above, that would be used as a standoff for the neon tube. In the sign/letter or wherever the neon is, the neon tube would be wired to the top of your insulator which is secured to the sign. You can see the rounded top for placing the tube and the two tie-off's on ether side to secure the tube.(normally with a piece of copper wire) Depending on the size of the piece of neon tube you could have a number of these glass insulators supporting each piece. About every 15 to 23 inches apart. Not really any value, sorry to say.
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