Walkers Kilmarnock whisky bottle. dated 1764

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Does any one know how to value an old whisky bottle I have had for years, Its a moulded light green glass bottle with Walkers Kilmarnock whisky 1764 embossed at the botttom.


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    i have walker kilmornock 1764
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  • Hope these photos are ok for you? Im guessing the 1764 refers to the batch number ? As I dont think Walkers were in production at this time. Jan
  • I do not know what "1764" refers to. Johnny Walker, the namesake of the company was not born until 1805 and began selling his whiskey some 20 years later. (see the Johnny Walker wikipedia page for more info)

    Your bottle is from the second half of the 19th century. The name Walkers Kilmarnock Whiskey was dropped in the early years of the 20th c.
  • Thankyou for the info, I was going to throw it out lol !
  • Ive been googling like mad and found a few on websites but they all have a large S on the bottom and mine doesnt !
  • hola yo tengo la misma botella y dice 1798. wikipedia esta equivocado .las tragieron los colonos croatas a mi ciudad a fines del siglo XVII.
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  • i have this bottle
  • I have the same bottle but it has 2161 on the bottom
  • Most likely this number is a mold number... Post a picture if you have one, luckybreak
  • I have a number 1563 on the base.
  • I also have this bottle has 1559 on the bottom
  • What does the large s mean?
  • mallonjones and others - the large number and large letter as shown in the photos above are most likely mold marks. That is, they are markings that meant something to the workers who handled the bottle molds. Might they somehow correlate to the date of the bottle, or the date when the mold was put into use? Yes, but short of finding company related to them, their meaning is likely lost to history.
  • Another general comment which may help others:

    Here is an advert from 1954 showing a cork top Johnny Walker bottle - just because it has a cork closure does not mean it is a 19th century bottle.

    The 1950s bottle was almost certainly machine made, the mold seam most likely goes all the way to the top edge of the lip, and as the illustration shows, the color of the glass appears to be clear.

    Once you start examining all the details, you realize this is a different bottle than the aqua one depicted in this discussion thread.
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  • Then can you please tell me why my bottle doesn't look like the bottom of any of those pics
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  • My guess @mjanthony is that your example is machine made and was made at a much later date. If the mold seam runs all the way to the top of the lip then it is machine made, confirming my suspicion.
  • I found this bottle in the grafters of my outbuilding. It was completed in 1884 so I am assuming that one of the builders was having a wee dram.
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  • I too have dug up a bottle from the past.
    Please see picture. Interesting find. 1586
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