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I am thrown off by the numbers on the bottom that are not in the center near what I would assume is the main identifying marks of the bottle. Specifically, I have a bottle with L-I380B embossed in the center, and Liquor Bottle, One Pint under it. But around the sides are random numbers that I am struggling to figure out the meaning. One is in the top left, one on the top middle, one on the top right, and one on the bottom left. Do these mean anything important to the identification of the bottle's origins, and if so are there any resources out there that will make identifying those "randomly placed" numbers easier?

I'm new and taking in a lot of information at once. My vocabulary is developing and anything will help!
Thank you


  • Understand that these marks were used by the manufacturer in their processes - some might indicate date of production, mold #, plant #, etc.

    Every glass manufacturer had a different meaning for these and not a whole lot is known about them.

    Some markings are common to a # of manufacturers - specifically the D-xxx or R-xxx distiller or rectifier numbers which were prompted by federal legislation in the mid 20th century.
  • I have a blue bottle with the words “Federal Law Forbids Dale or Re-Use of this bottle. With the letters and numbers on the bottom reading top is D-10, middle says 66-53 and the bottoms of that cluster is the number 16. With what looks like a football shaped stamp to the left of those and it almost looks like a letter k in the football shape. Anyone have any ideas what any of those markings mean on the bottoms of it?
  • These are the pictures of the bottle I’m inquiring about in my prior post.
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  • I have associated the D-1o mark with Brown Forman Distillers, Louisville Kentucky, makers of Old Forester brand (whiskey) I made this connection based on a labeled example.

    Likely the 66-53 is some indication of date so your bottle is in the 1950s or 60s era...

    As for this football shape, I cannot make that out in the picture. Perhaps you could make a rubbing or drawing of it and take a picture. This is likely the glass manufacturer.
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