Collection of 95 full mini liquor bottles and don't know how to value

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My friends were given a collection from a family member that passed away. It's 95 bottles and I think 2 or 3 are empty from evaporation but none have been opened. I just don't know how to value these as there is so much conflicting information on the web. So, I guess my questions are:

How do I value?
Where can I sell?
How do I ship?

I've attached the photos I have and tried to group them according to type of liqor. Any help or direction is appreciated!


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    Thanks for posting the photos.

    If you have not already seen my webpage on the subject of selling full liquor bottles, take a look.

    This has been something of a common question over the years ever since eBay banned the sale of full liquor bottles. You will find other discussions in this forum on the topic.

    It appears most of your bottles are new so likely the value is in their contents. You can find their retail value easily enough by visiting a local liquor store.

    As far as selling is concerned, local is the key word. Shipping would be most likely too much to make it a worthwhile option. I would suggest craigslist as a starting point.

    As for value, it would be some percentage of what they cost in a retail venue. Hard to say what that percentage might be.
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