Need info or value of Burgerspital applied seal wine bottle

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I have a recently acquired a 1860 Burgerspital Würzburg wine bottle,I do know it has Historical Value to the winery, I have been in contact with the Export Manager of the winery, the winery dates back 1321.In our communications,So far there has been only 2 of these bottle found in the USA lending the only evidence during the time period this wine was even exported here from my understanding talking with the export manager, a third was an ocean find off of Barbados Since one is in New York the other in Barbados and one in my possession I have not been able to find out much of about this bottle or value did not know if anyone might be able to point me in a direction on maybe a price value

Measurements are as follows 6" 7/8 height x 5" 3/4 width x 3" narrow part of bottle color deep red amber when in light, with blob seal - blob seal is 1" 3/8

What I have found on the history

Johann Baptist Sartorius explained in writing 1862 what a "Bocksbeutel" is: namely "a flattened, round bottle shaped like a leather pouch for bottling the Stein wine".

Following link has a pic of a similar bottle of the same type along with his explanation of the shape

In 1726 the Council of the City of Würzburg decided that the "Bocksbeutel" be the mark of quality compared with poorly produced wines. At the "Council's behest, the first sealed specimens of the Bocksbeutel are stored in Bürgerspital's cellars and the true, the pure, unadulterated wine, rapidly and brilliantly triumphed", reported the District Archivist Sebastian Göbl. Bürgerspital has been totally committed to the Bocksbeutel's claim to quality right up to the present day.
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  • Basically looking to see if it has an historical value here in the states as well as a dollar value need a experts advice
  • Thanks for posting.

    It is a very interesting bottle but for the most part US collectors are interested in US bottles. That is not to say your bottle has no value but rather it may find a larger audience in Germany or Europe in general.

    It is important to state your bottle has an applied seal rather than a molded one.

    One way to consider the value is to look at other applied seal bottles.

    For example this one

    My gut reaction for the US market would be tops $50-100. In Europe it might fetch more.

    Hope this helps.
  • I appreciate the prompt reply and your opinion on the bottle I recently inherited over 1500 antique bottles and have been researching the best I can, I will start posting the ones I cannot find mentioned online, like a extremely ornate neck and Shoulder Casey Bro Pa bottle which has a bubble swirl pattern down the neck to shoulder with a diamond pattern circling the base of the shoulder that I cannot find any references to glad I found the forum
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