11" x 3 1/2" Purple Clicquot Club Beverages Made In America Bottle

I have a clean beautiful large 11"H x approx 3 1/2" diameter (11" around the outside) Purple Clicquot Club Beverages Made In America Bottle...how rare is it and what is it worth? The seam goes up to the bottom of the neck..it is embossed with no numbers, it has a scratch down the front that is not deep enough to catch your nail in, a flea bite grove in the outer lip and a chip that is still intact? Also some imperfections on the bottom but I do not see any chips or cracks otherwise...

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  • I recall as a teenager I dug a huge dump with hundreds of Cliquot Club bottles in it, but they were a smaller approx. 12 ounce bottle in aqua and were machine made.

    Those bottles were different than yours for certain but nonetheless this was a fairly big and prosperous company so I doubt any particular bottle from them is scarce.

    Your bottle has likely been irradiated to give it the purple color that it has (do not panic, it is the same radiation used in food processing to kill bacteria) You can find discussions of manganese in glass in this forum which fell out of use in the late 19 teens. I would date your bottle to the very early 20th century.

    It has a crown top.

    You are right to point out the bruise and scratch since this is the kind of detail that bottle collectors look closely at when determining value. Grading of bottles is a lot like grading with diamonds....fussy, fussy, fussy. Details, details.

    There is some decorative value in your bottle but not a whole lot in the way of collector value.

    Thanks for posting the great pictures!
  • Thanks...I was going to put it up on eBay auction for $20 but couldn't find one to compare it to or price it so I thought it might be best to check first. I appreciate your help...I have more to post and look forward to hearing more of your expertise on them :)
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