brown three piece mold applied lip

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So please correct me if I'm wrong. But I believe this is a three piece bold applied lip bottle. Can't really tell from the pictures but from the neck imperfections on the outside I would guess wood mold. Now any information you could add such as value or rough dating would be greatly appreciated. From what I read applied lip would be 1800s? But again any info is appreciated. No embossing.


  • Jake

    Yes, you are very much on the right track. Thanks for the great photos.

    Yes - three piece mold.
    Yes - applied lip. Collectors would call this a tooled top.

    Age-wise it would be late 19th century.

  • Not blown in a wood mold, Jake . . . wood molds are mythical in considering 19th Century bottles. Bottle molds were machined into brass or iron. The notion of wood molds was created by early collectors to explain surface phenomena (such as the puckering which collectors call "whittling") now understood to arise from other circumstances.

    The twists in the neck of your bottle were created when the lipping tool was turned on the unfinished neck of the bottle. Some authors refer to this finish as a "brandy lip."

    This is a pretty window bottle from the TOC, but it has very little collector value, say $10 or less, depending on local market.
  • Awesome thank you very much for the info
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