Manhattan foundation +/- 1870's


  • This F. Donohue
    West 46st St
    New York
    This bottle
    Not to be sold
  • Correction:"THOS F. DONOHUE"
  • I take it you found this in a house foundation in Manhattan?

    Your soda bottle dates to the late 19th century or very early 20th c. As I have mentioned elsewhere in this forum, one can find this general shape of bottle with the name and address of hundreds if not thousands of bottlers from that era. Local soda bottlers were everywhere, serving just their community. They collected and reused their bottles.

    Generically, such a bottle as this is likely in the $10-15 range. Collectors get very interested in regions, states or cities and sometimes drive up prices quite a bit for rare or hard to find examples...

    There are several bottles known from this company so I am guessing this one does not fit the rare category.
  • Thank you. I found it next to the masonry foundation, at bedrock, under Carnegie Hall, Manhattan. I'm looking to give it, and a similar bottle, away to a collector, for free, if they can come pick them up at my current construction site: 63rd and 3rd
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