Antique or Vintage Whiskey Bottle?

Hi everyone!

I have a glass bottle that I recently acquired that I would like some help in figuring out where this bottle originated and if possible how old it may be and what it might be worth. The bottle is light blue in color when it sits in sunshine. There are embossed letters on the bottom of the bottle that I believe are two W's on the left and right side. The middle character looks like it may be a 6 that is embossed as well. The bottle has multiple seams that makes it seem like it may have been formed out of three separate pieces. The pictures I have attached point out the seams. The top of the bottle where a cap or cork would go is smooth and doesn't have the screw top design, but there is a bevel across the bottom of where the cork or cap would go. If anyone can help me identify this bottle I would appreciate it.

Thank you!


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