Dug a bottle and cannot find ANYTHING on it anywhere!

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Any help would be greatly appreciated. What was it used for? Who's mark is on the bottom? Possible value? (sorry - I couldn't figure out how to resize the pictures on my stupid computer!)


  • Did you find this bottle in the US?

    I am not seeing that large letter "C" in the Toulouse book on bottle marks. Can you tell me more about what symbol or letter is in the triangle?

    As for interpreting the use based on the shape, that is a tough one. Really hard to categorize it. Does the diagonal ribbing go all the way around or is there a label panel?
  • Hi Chris! Yes...this was dug here in the US. Western Pennsylvania area. I can't find anything with that "C" either. Very hard to see that letter in the triangle. Best guess is "R"
    The ribbing goes all the way around. Uniform.
    I'm totally stumped on this one :/
  • If it is a capital R in the triangle, then this is the symbol of the Reed Glass Company of Rochester, NY. I find this entry in Toulouse's Bottle Makers and Their Marks.

    Unfortunately the entry has no discussion of what they made so we are no closer to the use for this bottle / jar.

    As for age, this is mid 20th century. Upon reflection, I guess it could be an ink bottle. The shape does not lend itself to food or medicine in my opinion.

    It is intriguing and has some visual value...definitely more so than most plain clear bottles of this era but I don't think you will find a whole lot of collector interest. It probably has some small decorative value.

  • I did think it might be an ink bottle. Thanks for all the info Chris!!
  • Why don't I see a picture of your bottle?

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