Cleaning dug blob-top beer bottle

Yesterday I bought a brown glass blob-top beer bottle. I believe it had been dug up because of the condition of the outside surface. It had what looked like a deposit on the surface.

I tried these materials to clean:
rubbing alcohol, Bar Keeper's Friend, Brillo pad, turpentine, carb & choke cleaner, rubbing compound and Meguires auto polish. Nothing worked.

Then I tried Toro mower T-150 coating liquid. It worked perfectly.


  • Thanks for posting.

    It is important to consider that the coating liquid is masking the etching or stain on the glass, and is not removing it.

    Bottles buried in the ground actually decompose in a sense...a portion of the glass leaches away from the surface leaving behind (frequently) white deposits. The only way to remove the dullness or whiteness is to polish the glass. Typically this is done with tumbling process somewhat like rock tumbling.
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