How to tell the age of an old bottle. Which number on bottom is the year made?

Found this on our property. I know its a Hiram Walker Canadian Club Whiskey bottle. Just don't know which number on bottom is the year made/bottled.


  • Hello and welcome. Thanks for posting.

    The two numbers on the base of your bottle, 76 and 65, may refer to the year of manufacture. May.

    These markings are proprietary, and no doubt vary from company to company. Most of this information is unknown.

    Federal legislation required a D-xxx or R-xxx marking on bottles made during the 1930s - 60s which contained hard liquor ( known by their "Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse..." embossing ) but even the data behind these numbers and their associated manufacturers is unpublished as far as I know. I have spent a bunch of time piecing this info together from various sources.
  • Thank you for the knowledge you've shared.
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