looking for info on a green bottle shaped like a snail marked CANADA

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maureen Have a glass bottle that I can't find any information about.
Pale green, about 8" tall. Marked "CANADA" on the bottom, along with a "3".
Shaped like a snail shell up to the shoulder of the bottle, then straight up another 2 " to the lip. Seamed to the top of the lip.
Could it have been a decorator bottle for liquor?
Any info would be appreciated. I've been looking, but have found nothing like it. It is a very pretty bottle, even if not worth anything.


  • I won't be able to help with this one, but be sure to describe it as a figural bottle - the general term for bottles shaped like people, animals or things.
  • Maureen,
    I have been searching for this same info~ I do believe we have the same bottle! There is absolutely NOTHING ABOUT IT anywhere!!! Ive been searching for almost 3 weeks! Any information yet?
  • If either of you could post a photo here, it would be really helpful!!
  • This is my bottle.
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