Who manufactured a "D-1" bottle

We live on a 43-acre lake in Western Washington which is a popular fishing hole. Yesterday, out of summer boredom, my 10-year-old son kayaked around the lake and tried to retrieve whatever he could from the bottom of the lake. (all near-shore stuff in 10 feet of water or less). In his pirates booty were four bottles, three of which were unimpressive to me. However, one caught my eye as it read, "FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS..." around the top of the bottle, something that I had not seen before. Stamped on the bottom of the bottle are "D-1 56-53" and then something under that which I can't quite make out which may be":S". From what you have given on your web site (a great help!), I figured that this bottle was manufactured in 1953. It thus spend quite a long time on the bottom of the lake! It is a "ONE PINT" bottle that appears to be a whiskey bottle, but the label has long ago disappeared due to being underwater. I plan on using it for flowers on my kitchen windowsill, a a unique find from the bottom of the lake. I am curious however, about who manufactured this bottle, and what it once contained. You said that the "D-1" indicated the distillery that used this bottle. Who manufactured the "D-1" bottle, and any idea what may have been inside at one point? (Other than the lake scum which took quite a long time to get out!)


  • I have linked this identifier based on labeled examples to both National Distillers Products Corp. and the Old Taylor brand of whiskey. There may be other brands associated with D-1.

    A bit on my methodology: I have built my list of D-xxx and R-xxx numbers based on looking at hundreds of labeled bottles offered for sale on ebay. I have a database which connects the base markings to brand of product and manufacturer shown on the label.

    The 53 and 56 may specify a year, but one cannot be certain of that.

    I would agree it likely contained whiskey, but could have been another spirit.
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