Calvert Reserve 'Federal Law Forbids...' Bottle w/ SD stamp. Any info?

I have a Calvert Reserve whisky bottle that I know almost nothing about.

It has an intact South Dakota 15c alcoholic liquor stamp, but I have not found any information on the internet about that either.

The bottle's markings are on its bottom. They are circled by the 'Federal law forbids...' statement and are arranged like this:
67 | 56

Any information on the bottle or the stamp would be greatly appreciated.



  • There seems to have been a marketing craze in the mid 20th century (50s, 60s, 70s) where companies went nuts packaging their products in all kinds of decanters. It was not enough to sell the product in a plain old bottle.

    Here is a bit of info on tax stamps:

    Wander into a liquor store today and you will see that the hard liquor all has Federal stamps.
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