Help wanted to identify 2 old black bottles, maybe from shipwreck

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I live in Australia. We have had these bottles for many years but cannot remember where we found them. Possible from a shipwreck in Spice Islands of Indonesia, or Australia where we live. Any help with dating or information would be appreciated.

Appears to be black in color but has creamy yellow hard growth all over. Cannot see a seam vertically may be hidden by coating, but definitely one going across the bottle below the neck. The necks are distorted in shape, in one I can clearly see random lines in the glass. There is definitely a small pontil mark on the base of one. The mouth of the bottles are very unusual and crudely made.


  • Interesting bottles! Both probably contained wine. The long-neck appears to be late for this form, say 1810 - 1820s (these long-neck wines often date to the 1700s). This one appears to be a 3-mold bottle which dates it to post-1811 in all likelihood. The shorter bottle seems less distinctive, but also dates to the earliest 1800s, as best I can tell.

    Don't be afraid to soak these bottles in a strong solution of laundry bleach with a few drops of laundry detergent. If the coating resists, you can soak in a solution of hydrochloric/muriatic acid. Scrub after soaking with a soft brush. This may sound radical, but it's very difficult to damage glass with acid.
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