Awesome bottle finds. PLEASE HELP

Ok so my husband went bottle digging in our back yard again today. He goes Evey other day because our back yard is a bottle treasure trove to us. We find new and I retesting bottles every day or every other day and now have so many that I'm loosing places to put them other than boxing them up and putting in the basement. Anyway I have a few that I just can't find and I've been searching since 8am. So here goes and the 1st one is:
1. Small 3 sided medicine bottle and has a cork top. On the front of the bottle it is embossed with numbers along the sides for measurements and the 2 other sides are raised glass like checker print/pattern. There are no other markings on this bottle. On the very bottom there is a fancy MB, which I believe is from Marion Bottle Co and the dates say they were an active company ca.1900-1922. I'm not positive so any information would be wonderful and does it have any monitary value.
2. Small medicine bottle again and this one is embossed with the "fancy 3 & measurements up the sides". The bottle itself is about 2-3inches tall. on the bottom of the bottom it simply has JSM. I can not find any bottle makers or marks that are JSM. Any information would be wonderful and curious if it has monitary value.
3. Clear glass magic potion type bottle neck is slender and cork top and the bottom is round. No markings on the bottle itself. On the bottom of the bottle it has 278 and a 5 under the 278. Any information is welcome and curious about its value as well.
4. Another Medicine bottle only this one had lots of embossing on it. It had the measurement numbers up the sides of the front and on the shoulder of the bottle it has what looks like fancy ?(question) marks and in the center of the bottle neck has a circle with an I or 1 inside it. The other side is flat where a label should go and above that is another circle with nothing inside it but also has the fancy ?(question) marks on the shoulder of the bottle. It is a cork top I do believe because part of the cork is still inside the bottle. On the bottom it's embossed 8 dot - The Owens-Illinois mark - an S with 3-4 dots circling the S. When I looked at the makers marks it looks to be that the S with dots belonged to Owens Bottle Machine Co. (Streator) 1917-1919. Please let me know if I am wrong and if you know if this has any monitary value please let me know.
5. Bowling pin shaped bottle with an aqua color I think. Has lots of bubbles and dent flaws or marks in the actual glass. At the base of the bottle it has an embossed 3 and no other markings. The bottom is a scarred pontil I believe. Please let me know any information you can find about this one and if it has any monitary value.
6. Clear glass cork/stopper with metal type hinge to lock in place. There are no markings at all on the bottle itself . At the base the glass has raised like ripple pattern. Now the bottom of the bottle is embossed on one side it has 72 in the center it has 2 and the other side has a diamond with I inside it. Now above the 2 it seems to have another marking that I do that know or can't make out what it is or could it possibly be a flaw in the glass?? Please let me know what you think or if you find anything out about this bottle. Curious if it's got any monitary value also.
**All of our bottles are kept in our home for personal gain we are however curious about what year or era they came from and if they have any monitary value. So please don't think we are in it for the money because that is not the case it's just curiosity. Thank you ahead of time for any information you can help with. I will have more to show because he found several more items but I wanted to do them separate since this was so long already. Thank you.

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