Fink's Magic Oil Bottle

Bottle is approximately 1-3/4”x 7/8”x 4-5/8" high overall. Color looks to be like carnival glass or something. Front of the bottle is embossed "Fink's Magic Oil 25 cents". On one side it is embossed "Springdale,PA" and the other side has "Fink's". No other markings. On the bottom it looks like it has something but I can't make it out. I know the Fink's Springdale office opened in 1899 and this particular bottle contained 40cc/1.35 fld.oz inside and was 87% alcohol and 48% Cassia(cinnamon substitute) and sassafras(mild stimulant) and ended up being around 174proof which equals more than 4 shots of today's whisky. I'm needing to know the era or the year it came from and is there any value to it. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.



  • Hi
    Thanks for sharing and posting the photos.

    The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 required companies to list their ingredients and it had the affect of putting many out of business. Some changed their formulations to be more acceptable.

    Looks like your bottle is not machine made (mold seam stops before getting to lip) so it most likely dates before about 1910.

    The iridescence (carnival glass appearance as you say) is caused by leaching or dissolving of a portion of the glass at the surface. It commonly happens to bottles / glass buried in the ground. It appears the glass color is pale aqua.
  • Ok so bottle is around 1910 and does it have any value besides sentimental value and thanks for the info you are providing, it's greatly appreciated. I have found others like it but none had the 25 cents on it.
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