CFJCo date range

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Hello all, I recently found a mason jar lid with the CFJCo ( Consolidated Fruit Jar Company) monogram glass insert. My question is how long was this style lid used for and what time period? From the searching I have done it seems that it may be from 1880-1890? Was hoping someone had more insight on the date range of the glass insert mason jar lid. The embossing on the insert reads: REGISTERED TRADEMARK MASONS IMPROVED 1871,23 MAY.

Any insight is appreciated!



  • This is an excellent question @piggler and it reveals a gap in my bottle knowledge :-)

    I have always presumed the patent dates on the various jars predated the bottle manufacture just because the jars did not seem as old as other mid-19th century pieces.

    My hunch is that you are correct but I am not aware of any research done on this...would make for some interesting reading for us bottle hounds.

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