Liquor Bottle Clear Glass w. coasters and coat of arms, pre-1964 - what is it? Brand?


I'm trying to figure out what this bottle was used for and the maker, brand, value, etc...

The seam runs up to the lip of the bottle on both sides.

The crest on the lid has a shield with a leopard on both sides, a crown on top and 2 flags on top.

The crest reads "Fatti Maschi Parole Femine"

The bottom of the bottle reads: "Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle"

The bottom also has the marks of: 58, 56, 7 and D-126.

Any help would be great! Thank you.
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  • I have traced the D-126 marking back to two different companies but your container almost certainly was made for the Wolfschmidt Vodka brand. If you search around online you will find a number of pitchers and other promotional packaging for this product.
  • You will also find some other Wolfschmidt examples in this forum.
  • Wow, Chris. Thank you so much! I was searching all of the wrong terms. This bottle is really cool, I'm looking forward to researching a little more about it.
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