Help identifying this bottle

I would like some help identifying this bottle. It was found buried in the hills east of Seattle Washington in an area reputed to be a dumping ground for debris from the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. It has an uneven bottom. The top is a separate piece fused to the neck and it has bubbles and imperfections so I think it is blown glass. The trademark is an S&L with the vertical part of the "L" being some sort of screw type tool. Any help would be great! Thanks! Photobucket


  • Great monogram. Presumably it is a beer bottle, although the insignia seems to include a caduceus which suggests a medicinal value. But then again, I often say I drink for medicinal purposes only!

    It would be helpful to see a shot of the entire bottle, specifically the lip - that will provide some clues about the age. Details about the mold seam and base would also be helpful.
  • The only thing I can find that looks like a seam are faint lines on the sides but they are very faint and they have no corresponding seam on the bottom. The neck is a different piece that has been melded to the neck. The glass has numerous bubbles and imperfections in it. I have searched for the trademark but have been unsuccessful. Thanks for the info!
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  • Yes, definitely an applied lip so this is perhaps 1870s or 1880s

    It will probably be hard to track down the company. Let's hope someone recognizes the monogram.
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