Wine brand ID

A one quart wine bottle embossed on the bottom ( A Time Honored Name Since 1890 ). This is a modern times bottle no doubt but I cant find any info on this brand of wine anywhere. ID the name brand Please Thanks


  • I cannot make out the name in the center - can you?
  • Its in a kind of cursive writing. I dont recognize the name to know for sure what the spelling is. What I possibly see is Ceney,s
  • I am thinking it could also be Wrey's

    The key here is finding a labeled example. My hunch is the brand name featured on the label is something else and the company was more of a distributor. Have seen other similar examples of 20th century bottles like this.

  • I am really curious to know what you found out about this bottle. I just found a bottle with the same thing written on the bottom and the same pattern around the base of the neck. The only difference is it is the size of a beer bottle. It says "4/5 pint" around the base. Also I think the first letter could be an A.

    I will post a picture when I clean up my bottle, and let you know if I find anything else out. I found it on the property of my 80 year old house.
  • Please do post a photo. If you can shed any light on what exactly is embossed on the base, that would be helpful. I am still not sure of the brand name.
  • Anyone ever figure this out? I found the same bottle (Raleigh, NC) near the lake in near perfect condition. Tried to take a crayon and rub the bottom, but to no avail.
  • Interesting, now we have two reports of this bottle from North Carolina.

    You might try a pencil to do the rubbing, but it may be that the bumpiness of the texture on the bottom is making a rubbing difficult...
  • Looks like Wrey's Winery in CA. Built in 1880 and closed during prohibition. The address is
    10720 Clayton Creek
    Lower Lake, CA 95457
  • @TexasTea - I am curious where you found this information? I did a bunch of digging online and came up with nothing.
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