HI, I have some questions on a antique coca cola bottle that is a D PAT botttle, I have looked on over 30 different websites trying to find this bottle, this bottle is made in vallejo california , but it does not say vallejo calif. Like any of the bottles I have seen....it says VALLEJO around the around the bottom of the glass bottle but the CALIF. does not continue around the bottoms like vallejo... It is written across the bottom from side to side.... I have searched up every detail on this bottle but have had no luck And the bottle so has on the side the owens glass company glass mark with is in the middle with a 40 and then the mark and then a 42...I know that these numbers mean the factory number and the date but factory number 40 doesn't exist...I really hope you can help me identify this bottle. Thank You.


  • As always, photos are needed

    but why do you think this embossing variant is so unusual?

    There has been some info published which documents some of the Owens manufacturing marks but that does not mean they are ALL documented. There may not be an answer
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    The number to the left of the Owens-Illinois mark <(I)> is a mold number, not a factory number...there is some confusion in the online community on this

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