Unknown age of handmade Florence flask / stand

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I'm not sure how old this is, if it's just some sort of repro or what. It looks hand-blown to me, but I'm guessing that doesn't mean much. It has this stand, but I don't think it's tall enough to really fit a bunsen burner underneath. Is it just a piece of relatively modern decor, or is it something more? Thank you.

edit: Forgot to mention that it's about 10" tall, so it's fairly large


  • Hi

    I believe this is fairly modern.. it could be 30-40 years old I suppose but likely even newer.

    If I were to hazard a guess I would think bud vase, not sure.
  • It's fairly large (10" tall or so). Would you still guess a bud vase?
  • Geez, I don't know....this is a head scratcher.

    The stand is nothing fancy but it does have some details which are beyond utilitarian - the wire joins which have tapered ends took some extra work to achieve.

    The glass itself has something of a hand blown look to it.

    I see websites and catalogs that have all manner of ultra specialty products - someone somewhere had a purpose for this!
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