What type of bottle is this and how old?

I have an old bottle with the number DES. PAT. NO 89403 on bottom with a 5 in the center and can't find any information, any ideas? Thanks, Louie


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    Well, here is the design patent

    Patent filed December 1932 to a guy who worked for Dunkirk Corporation in Indiana (Kerr Glass had a plant in that town at one time..)
  • Thank you so much
  • Glad to help. I forgot to mention that my guess is that this is a food jar. The only way to go further with identification is to hunt for a labeled example or an advertisement...
  • HiChris, I have that same bottle? Is it worth anything to sell?
  • In general unembossed plain clear bottles from the 20th century have little or no value. This one is no exception.

    Keep searching, great bottles turn up all the time!
  • Can someone tell me if this older I think Coca Cola bottle is worth anything and thanks
  • I have a similar bottle but my numbers in the middle are 2090 6

  • Hi, Louie.

    I have one just like yours. Mine has an 8 and a U on the bottom (in the middle). It belonged to my Mom. She had several. She often canned home grown, home canned applesauce in them. So the jar has lots of nostalgia value for me. I have a vague recollection that she called them "coffee jars," but I don't find anything like them used as coffee jars online, so maybe that memory is rusty.

    Thank you for the patent info, Chris. I was glad to see the dates. I've often wondered about the jar, and thought it looked kind of Art Deco. I guess that was appropriate.

  • Here's a history of the company, complete with an illustration of "our" jar.


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