What type of bottle is this and how old?

I have an old bottle with the number DES. PAT. NO 89403 on bottom with a 5 in the center and can't find any information, any ideas? Thanks, Louie
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    Well, here is the design patent

    Patent filed December 1932 to a guy who worked for Dunkirk Corporation in Indiana (Kerr Glass had a plant in that town at one time..)
  • Thank you so much
  • Glad to help. I forgot to mention that my guess is that this is a food jar. The only way to go further with identification is to hunt for a labeled example or an advertisement...
  • HiChris, I have that same bottle? Is it worth anything to sell?
  • In general unembossed plain clear bottles from the 20th century have little or no value. This one is no exception.

    Keep searching, great bottles turn up all the time!
  • Can someone tell me if this older I think Coca Cola bottle is worth anything and thanks
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