eugèneLTD bottle - Need info, Please

I'm a total neophyte who recently found an eight sided bottle on a site in Utica, NY where a home from the 1800's was demolished. It looks frosted/no color. There is a mold seam on both sides of the neck; but not on the lip. On the bottom it says "eugène LTD" with the lowercase "e", then underneath in a script font "New York | Paris | London" and under that centered “1”. I also have the cork. I can't find a reference to this...Anybody know where and when it is from? What it may be worth?


  • Apparently this was a shampoo or hair product.


    I found several ads from the 20s and 30s from this company. This is consistent age-wise with your bottle which appears to be a 20th century machine made bottle...

    The key to research, esp. for 20th century bottles, is looking for advertisements...
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