bottle marked "D&M" on base


Height: 8-1/4"
Base: 1-3/4"
Mouth: 3/4"

Only mark on bottle is D&M on the base. Bottle has 14-sided
fluting from base up to 2" from the neck. Bottle holds approx.
6 oz. of fluid. and was made for a stopper. Possible companies
I've found based on the logo are:

1) Davey & Moore, LTD. Middlesex, England
2) D&M Company Providence

Can anyone help with more info ? What product it held, company,
value, date, etc. Thanks for any help.



  • Also, bottle os clear to very very light green tint.
  • Photos are essential to understand what you have, esp. so in this case. Frequently one can tell if a bottle is of American or English manufacture by certain characteristics of manufacture.
  • Thanks anchorman for the information about D&M...mee too I was looking for it...
    I hava a cilindrical bottle greenish colour, having a Titanic inside, with this marks on the bottom...and I have another one square bottle with Jesus on the cross inside...The 2nd one doesn't have any markings...To whom should I address to find more about these 2 bottles, which are in our family for almost 100 years...
  • Likely it is possible to determine if the bottle is English or American if we can see a picture with detail of lip and base..
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