Help required re this glass jug

I purchased this beautiful jug today. It is very heavy and has no makers mark. fair amount of air bubbles in the glass and it is a very deep brown. Any thoughts


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    Hi and welcome

    This is likely later 20th century Mexican made tourist/decorative glassware. I have seen the form a few times. The thickness of the glass, the exaggerated bubbles and crudely formed nature indicate its origin.

    Handblown - yes. Collectible - yes. Valuable - just a little.
  • Chris, Thank you. I would be interested in your value estimate, as "just a little", can be viewed either high or low. My trade friend would price it at £75 -£95 in her shop, which I was surprised at considering how little I spent on it.
  • In my world, that would be a very retail price, as in a New York or London gallery type price.

    On ebay or at a bottle show would be an entirely different range
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