Pyrex marked Battery Jar?

I received a glass jar that is marked PYREX Reg.US. PAT OFF. on one side and MADE IN U.S.A. with the number 58 Below that on an adjoining side. There are 2 white rectagles each on the other 2 adjoining sides. It is aprox. 19" tall and 14 1/2" wide. Small chip in glass at top edge. Otherwise in great shape. It looks to be foggy inside evenely about 3/4 the way up from bottom. It is quite heavy. I was told by the person at the garage sale they thought it was a battery acid case. Does anyone know or know where I can try to get more information? Is there a way to determine the value of such an item?
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  • Hi - thanks for posting with the photos. Collectors refer to "battery jars" rather than "battery acid case" - I changed the post title in hopes that someone else may stumble upon this and be able to help.

    My first reactions:

    Yes, it does look like a battery jar, although I cannot say I have seen one with a square cross-section like this.

    Appearance-wise, it looks much newer than any battery jar that I have seen, but perhaps the use of glass for certain specialty jars continued far longer into the 20th century than I realized. We are all now used to seeing lead/acid batteries in plastic containers - ie. those used in autos.
  • Do you have any idea the value of this piece or how I could sell it?
  • Well, the prices realized at ebay is one measure of value....

    You can see auction results here:"battery+jar".TRS1&_nkw="battery+jar"&_sacat=0

    You may not see an exact match but my quick review yielded some very similar examples in size and glass color...
  • Hi Chris,
    I have this exact jar and also cannot find out any information on it. It was in my great grandparents home (I’m pushing 50 for age reference!) and they lived in the upstate NY area not far from Corning. I’ve looked and searched, it’s always been referred to in my family as the battery jar as well. I was wondering if you or The Flooring Lady learned anything about hers? Thanks!
  • @jenm If the answers exist to your questions, they are to be found at the Rakow Research Library at Corning. (Pyrex is a Corning product)

    Look immediately to the right column most of the way down the home page to the FAQ section. There is a question "Does the Library have information on Pyrex?" Clicking through that link will get you going in the right direction...likely to a product catalog.

    Please post your findings back here!
  • I am interested in anything you find out. I still have not found a value for mine. Please keep me in the loop on any info Jenm and Chris.
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